Is a Quark worth the risk?

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Re: Is a Quark worth the risk?

Post by Ewan » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:47 pm

Bobmoss you did order the Chromosphere version right :D :D :D, only ever seen one post from a user who bought the Prom version.

I was using mine with an Altair Astro 80mm APO & have captured some amazing images but after a while I wanted bigger & purchased a TecnoSky 152mm F5.9 frac from Rupert along with a 135mm D-ERF & have not looked back since. If it's sunny the 152 & Quark are out & from what I have seen image wise the Quark can hold it's own against a lot of dedicated solar scopes out there for a small outlay. Having got an image in Astronomy Now captured with the Quark I would never get rid of mine & if it did fail I would buy another in a heart beat.

It can go on a lot of scopes you own, yes it's powered but is 5-10 minutes too long for it to warm up while you set up, I think not, the pro's far outweigh the cons.
You may need to buy a few connectors rather than use the Daystar EP holder as it tends to pull to one side & a threaded connection is best but once you have it up & running you wont look back.

Bias towards dealers or products because they chip in or help financially does not guarantee good customer service, Rupert bent over backwards for me chasing my scope & case & it got to me in 100% perfect working order.

Yes I too have read a few bad points about the Quark & some failing but how many good units are out there also.
Not many products have a warranty as good as Daystars either & as Rupert said the dealer should sort this out if something does go wrong.

Already looking forward to seeing how you get on & your thoughts when you receive yours.

One thing Bobmoss make sure you take the time to try ALL the tuner settings to find your best setting as not all Quarks are equal, you will have more fun in the long run.


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Re: Is a Quark worth the risk?

Post by bobmoss » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:22 am

Hi Ewan,

Yes, definitely ordered the Chromosphere version!

The scope I'm going to start using it with is also an Altair Astro 80mm but I'm sure I'll be wanting something bigger in the future (isn't it always the same with astronomy gear).

The biggest selling point for me was the ability to put it onto a scope I already own and other scopes in the future.

Having spoken with Rupert (and ordered it from him) I'm not as nervous now about getting one as I'm confident that Rupert firstly won't send out a faulty one and will sort me out of there are any issue in the future.

My main interest is in imaging so hopefully I'll be posting some pictures soon (would love to get one published in a magazine).

I will definitely try all the tuner settings!


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