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Wanted Coronado BF10

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:05 pm
by moonshane
hi all

Wanted Coronado BF10

I have been after one of these for a while as it will enhance my Ha observing through my PST mod and I seem to be doing more solar observing than anything currently.

I will need to sell a couple of bits to buy this if one comes up quickly (doubtful though based on previous experience of wanted ads) but could offer any of the items listed in part ex if appropriate to the seller. I need to check that there is no damage to the blocking filter as I understand that 'rusting' can be an issue with these items so ideally would like to meet and try before I buy - you can also then see your own purchase before we part. 

Items which I may possibly sell trade (cash either way) are :

17.3mm Delos

2" Baader Dielectric diagonal

2" Baader Neodymium filter 

5mm PST blocking filter inside Revelation Astro 1.25" dielectric diagonal

However, if no BF10 emerges for a while I may well have saved enough funds to keep the above items. Please contact me if you have anything suitable.